Delphi 2D controls in 3D (FireMonkey) – presentation 1st March 2017, Brisbane Australia

I am doing a remote presentation this week on “Displaying and Animating 2D FireMonkey controls in 3D”.  This will be at the Australia Delphi User Group’s meeting in Brisbane

I will also put on my ADUG president hat and answer any questions that you have about the user group.

delphi_2d_controls_in_3d star_wars_opening_2

Where – Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG), Brisbane branch
When  – Wednesday 1st March 2017


  • Spin and zoom buttons, images and other controls in 3D with just a few lines of code
  • Build the Star Wars opening crawl including angled and animated text
  • All attendees will get full source code
    Watch the one minute preview here …


Requests for remote presentations

I am available to do remote presentations on Delphi and Oracle topics.
I have been presenting technical topics for 25+ years and have a wide range to select from.
Contact me about this topic and others.

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  • Oracle & Delphi software developer based in Perth, Western Australia
  • Australian Delphi User Group – President
  • Australian Oracle User Group – WA Committee Member
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