Popup menu for a Delphi Firemonkey form

Unlike VCL forms, Delphi FireMonkey forms do not have a PopupMenu property.  So how can you show a popup menu when the user clicks the Right Mouse Button ?

You have to code it yourself and its pretty easy to do.  The tricky bit is converting the X/Y  position from the forms local co-ordinate system to global co-ordinates.  Ill show you to do that.



  1. Create a popup menu on the form
    Add menu items to it in the usual way.
    I presume you know how to do.


2. Create an OnMouseDown event for the form with this code

procedure TForm1.FormMouseDown(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Single);
   vPoint : TPointF;
// show popup menu when right mouse button
   if Button = TMouseButton.mbRight then
                       -- convert local XY to global XY
      vPoint := Self.ClientToScreen(PointF (X,Y));
      PopupMenu1.Popup(vPoint.X, vPoint.Y);

3. Run the project (F9 Key)

4. Right click on the form.
The popup menu should appear at the mouse location

Convert local co-ordinates to global co-ordinates

Popup menus can be displayed anywhere on the screen, even outside of the form’s display area.  As a result, the X/Y position for the popup menu is defined using global coordinates instead of the Forms local co-ordinates.

The above code converts the X and Y arguments from local co-ordinate to global co-ordinates like this:

vPoint := Self.ClientToScreen(PointF (X,Y));

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