Copy an Oracle ApEx page between repositories

Learn how to copy pages between applications in different ApEx repositories.

Oracle ApEx allows you to export pages, but you can only import them into the same application in the same repository.  If you try to import into another application or another repository you will get an error.

This page was exported from a different application or
from an application in different workspace.
Page cannot be installed in this application.

I’ll show you a simple workaround for that limitation

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Using SELECT to create a range of numbers or duplicate rows – Oracle SQL

This simple technique will show you how to write a SELECT statement that dynamically creates a number of rows.  It can be used to duplicate data or create a numbers on the fly, so the data looks like this.


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More Oracle and Delphi posts coming soon

I just got started with this site

Ill be putting out a post every week or so as I dig through my collection of source code.

Drop by soon while I get stuck into creating more Delphi and Oracle posts

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