Copy an Oracle ApEx page between repositories

Learn how to copy pages between applications in different ApEx repositories.

Oracle ApEx allows you to export pages, but you can only import them into the same application in the same repository.  If you try to import into another application or another repository you will get an error.

This page was exported from a different application or
from an application in different workspace.
Page cannot be installed in this application.

I’ll show you a simple workaround for that limitation

This means you cant migrate a page from a TEST environment to a PRODUCTION application.  Grrr that is annoying

There are posted solutions that work around this limitation.  They involve modifying the export file and I am not keen on doing that as it is not supported by Oracle and it can be a messy process.

Dont panic because there is a supported way to do this

This is my solution

Process Overview

In summary, copy the entire application from the source repository into the target repository.  Then, copy the page between applications.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Export the entire source application from the first environment
    This will create a *.EEX file
  2. Import the EEX file into the target repository.
    This will create a new application.
    This is a temporary application that we will delete later.
    If the application already exists in the target repository you can specify a new application id during the import process
  3. Copy the page from the temporary application to the target application
    – Open the page that you want to copy– Then click Create >> Page As A New Copy and select the target application
  4. Delete the temporary application as you no longer need it

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