I am a computer technology enthusiast specializing in Oracle and Delphi programming

I’ve been writing code since the mid 1980s with an early highlight being the development of a 3D wire frame engine on an IBM compatible AT using Turbo Pascal.  Since then, Turbo Pascal has evolved into Delphi with support for Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and Linux and it keeps getting better so Im sticking with it.

My Oracle work has taken me all over the world including time as a Senior Principal at Oracle’s world corporate head quarters in Redwood Shore, USA.

I’ve tamed complex data models, tuned massive data warehouses and developed transnational systems with users in a happy state.


  • Enterprise software developer with 20+ years designing and implementing database systems over a diverse range of industries and technologies
  • Previously a senior principal at Oracle’s world corporate headquarters in Redwood Shores, USA
  • Roles – Senior software developer / tech lead, education instructor, data modelling, performance tuning (SQL, applications, Oracle & DB2 databases), data warehouse design and ETL, software vendor (development, sales, marketing)
Community Involvement

  • Numerous industry presentations and publications since 1992
  • Australia Oracle User Group AUSOUG committee member for WA
  • Australian Delphi User Group ADUG
    – Vice President
    – Symposium organizer
    – WA meeting organizer: AKA The Chief Cat Herder

blog www.scotthollows.com

linkedinlogo  www.linkedin.com/in/scotthollows

email Email Scott using the Contact page


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