Increase / decrease (Zoom) the Delphi IDE font

Download my free software to add hotkeys to the Delphi IDE to increase and decrease the font size in the code editor.


Update – Delphi 10.4

Delphi 10.4 has added a font zoom slider at the bottom of the screen

Hot Keys

My software uses these hot keys to change the front size in any version of Delphi

  • Shift Ctrl Alt [  decrease front size
  • Shift Ctrl Alt ]  increase font size

Other ways to change the font size

  1. The Delphi IDE already provides hot keys to change the font size
    Ctrl Numpad + to increase
    Ctrl Numpad – to decrease
    However, those keys only works on a numeric keypad like this.
    This does not work on most laptops that do not have a numeric keypad
  2. You can also change the font size using IDE options.
    – Old versions of Delphi
    Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Editor Options
    -> Display -> Editor Font Size

    – Latest version of Delphi
    Menu -> Tools -> Options -> User Interface -> Editor Options
    -> Display -> Editor Font Size


The software was written in AutoHotKey.  I was going to write it in Delphi, but I couldnt find my global hot key units so I had a quick coding frenzy and wrote it in AutoHotKey instead.

You dont need to install AutoHotKey as I have provided a compiled version


Slow Down !  If you press the hot keys too quickly Delphi will get confused and insert [ into your text


Download source code and compiled software, 32 and 64 bit

Legal Notices

Placed in the public domain.  Use at your own risk

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