Increase / decrease the Delphi IDE font

Download my free software to add hotkeys to the Delphi IDE to increase and decrease the font size in the code editor.  Handy for doing presentations


Other ways to change the font size

  • The Delphi IDE provides hot keys to do this (Ctrl Numpad + to increase and Ctrl Numpad – to decrease) but that only works with a numeric keypad.  It doesnt work on most laptops that do not have a full numeric keypad so my software uses different hot keys Shift Ctrl Alt [ and Shift Ctrl ]
  • You can also change the font size using IDE options.
    Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Editor Options -> Display -> Editor Font Size


The software was written in AutoHotKey.  I was going to write it in Delphi, but I couldnt find my global hot key units so I had a quick coding frenzy and wrote it in AutoHotKey instead.

You dont need to install AutoHotKey as I have provided a compiled version


Be careful not to press the [ and ] keys too quickly or it will get confused and act as if you pressed those keys by themselves and “[” will get inserted into your text.  If I had a bigger brain and more time I would fix that.


Download source code and compiled software
Placed in the public domain
Use at your own risk

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Author: Scott Hollows

Enterprise software developer based in Perth, Western Australia. Focused on Oracle, Delphi, Data Warehouse design and ETL, Data Architect, Business Intelligence, Oracle performance tuning. President of the Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG) LinkedIn

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