FireMonkey Panel tricks – Panel Color and Transparent Panels

Change the color of a Delphi FireMonkey panel or make a FireMonkey panel transparent.

Use this FireMonkey panel trick to change the color of a Delphi FireMonkey panel or make a FireMonkey panel transparent


I have seen some complex solutions to achieve this, but this is really quite easy to do.  You just need one line of code.

Change the panel color

(Panel1.Controls[0] as TShape).Fill.Color := TAlphaColorRec.Red;
One line of code and we are done – BOOM

How does it work ?

This technique works because all FireMonkey panels own a TShape (usually a TRectangle) that covers the inside of the panel.  In the above example, we are changing the color of that TShape to red
This also works for other panel variants that I have tried such as TCalloutPanel

More robust code

It ia possible (although I have never seen it) that Delphi might remove the TShape.  So, lets modify the code to be more paranoid by first making sure that a TShape exists (hopefully it is the right one)
  if   (Panel1.ControlsCount >= 1)

   and (Panel1.Controls[0] is TShape)


       (Panel1.Controls[0] as TShape).Fill.Color := TAlphaColorRec.Red;  // uses System.UITypes

Want more – lets make the panel transparent

Now that you know the magic trick of the TPanel guts being a TShape, you can go further and manipulate the shape to make the panel transparent … like this

  if   (Panel1.ControlsCount >= 1)

   and (Panel1.Controls[0] is TShape)


       (Panel1.Controls[0] as TShape).visible := FALSE;

Is this Future Proof ?

No – This is not guarenteed to work in future as Embaradero could remove this handy little TShape #0 feature.  However, I think it is stable and I expect it to work in the long term (fingers crossed)


If you dont like that solution, here are some alternatives
  • Add a TRect to the panel to show the color that you want.  Thats pretty much the same technique that I use above, but you will feel more in control because you created it.
  • Use Delphi Styles.

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