Conditional compilatation to detect VCL or FireMonkey in a Delphi Form

This shows how to detect if your application is using FireMonkey (FMX) or VCL when using conditional compilation in a Delphi form

{$IF FMX.Types.FireMonkeyVersion >= 0} // if FireMonkey
{$ELSE}                  // its not FMX, so it must be VCL

Can I Reverse the logic ?

No, reversing the logic does not work.  The reason for this is we are relying on the behaviour of Delphi conditional compile to return FALSE if the variable in the {$IF} does not exist.

To clarify … this  works correctly

{$IF FMX.Types.FireMonkeyVersion >= 0} // if FireMonkey
     ShowMessage ('FMX 1');
{$ELSE} // its not FMX, so it must be VCL
     ShowMessage ('VCL 1');

But this does NOT work

{$IF FMX.Types.FireMonkeyVersion < 0} // if VCL
     ShowMessage ('VCL 2');
{$ELSE}            // its not VCL, so it must be FMX
     ShowMessage ('FMX 2');


What if I mix and match VCL and FMX ?

Although not officially supported, it is possible for a Delphi application to use both FireMonkey and VCL units.

It is possible to embed a FireMonkey form in a VCL application and vice versa using unsupported techniques.  However, I haven’t tested those scenarios with my conditional compilation code.  Maybe it will work, maybe not.  Ill leave it to you to look into it if you are interested.  Please post a comment here if you find anything interested.

Supported Versions of Delphi

The code has been tested on XE2 to XE10.1

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3 thoughts on “Conditional compilatation to detect VCL or FireMonkey in a Delphi Form”

  1. There is a similar trick mentioned in Embarcadero’s own documentation:

    “If the identifiers referenced in the conditional expression do not exist, the conditional expression will be evaluated as False:

    {$IF NoSuchVariable > 5}
    Writeln(‘This line doesn”t compile’);

    You can use the FireMonkeyVersion constant (defined in FMX.Types.pas and equal to 16.1 at the XE2 Update 2 release) in an IF directive. To identify and separate FireMonkey code that is for any version higher than 16.0, surround the code with the following conditional directive:

    {$IF Declared(FireMonkeyVersion) and (FireMonkeyVersion > 16.0)}


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