Separator lines for project files in Delphi IDE

Add separator lines to your Delphi IDE project files list.


To do this, create a dummy file with a name similar to “______________” (no file extension), then add that file to your project.  If you want another separator line you will have to create another dummy file with a slightly different name as the file name must be unique.


You can delete the file after you have added it to the project.  Delphi wont complain about the file being missing because it does not have a *.PAS file extension.  However, I prefer to not delete the files in case a future version of Delphi insists that the file exists.

Folders in the IDE

Thanks to Rodrigo Farias Rezino for pointing out this technique

Another way to separate files is to include folders in the project.  To do this, right click in the project window then select “add..” to add a file.  The folder and file will be included in the project file list and will look like this example where I have put forms in one folder and utility units in another folder


This is done at the file level, not the folder level.  By that, I mean other files in the same folder are not automatically included in the project.  You will need to repeat the process once for each file that you want to include in the project.

You do not need to add the folder to the Delphi search path because the files will be automatically searched for as if they were stored in the base project folder.


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    Rodrigo Farias Rezino

    Directories ?

  2. Thanks Rodrigo. Ive added some info about that

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