Delphi 2D controls in 3D (FireMonkey) – presentation 1st March 2017, Brisbane Australia

I am doing a remote presentation this week on “Displaying and Animating 2D FireMonkey controls in 3D”.  This will be at the Australia Delphi User Group’s meeting in Brisbane

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Popup menu for a Delphi Firemonkey form

Unlike VCL forms, Delphi FireMonkey forms do not have a PopupMenu property.  So how can you show a popup menu when the user clicks the Right Mouse Button ?

You have to code it yourself and its pretty easy to do.  The tricky bit is converting the X/Y  position from the forms local co-ordinate system to global co-ordinates.  Ill show you to do that.


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Immediate TTimer to emulate PostCreate / PostOnCreate event in Delphi

Learn how to create the equivalent of an PostCreate / PostOnCreate event that executes just after the form’s OnCreate event has fired.

To do this, we will use an “Immediate Timer”

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Copy an Oracle ApEx page between repositories

Learn how to copy pages between applications in different ApEx repositories.

Oracle ApEx allows you to export pages, but you can only import them into the same application in the same repository.  If you try to import into another application or another repository you will get an error.

This page was exported from a different application or
from an application in different workspace.
Page cannot be installed in this application.

I’ll show you a simple workaround for that limitation

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