Open WebLoc files in Microsoft Windows with WinWebLoc free software

Do you need to open *.WebLoc files in Microsoft Windows ?
This will show you how using some free software that I developed called WinWebLoc

What is a WebLoc file ?

A WebLoc file is used on OSX as a pointer to a web page.  When you double click on it, it opens the web page.

A WebLoc file is the OSX equivalent of an Windows *.URL file.
WebLoc files are created on OSX when a user saves a URL from a web browser

Unfortunately, Windows can not open WebLoc files but dont worry because you can use my free software to open the files

How do I open a WebLoc file ?

I have created a small program that will let you open WebLoc files in Windows.

To install, copy the WinWebLoc.exe file to somewhere in your Windows search path.
Then, associate the program with the *.WebLoc file extension.
In the next release I will add an option to automatically associate the file extension, but for now you will need to do this manually.

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