AutoHotKey (AHK) toggle window on top / not on top

; ============================================================
; toggle window on top / not on top
; ============================================================

+^u::     ; shift control U
          WinGet, ExStyle, ExStyle, A                     ; get info about active window
          if  (ExStyle & 0x8)  ; 0x8 is WS_EX_TOPMOST.    ; if top most
               Winset, AlwaysOnTop, off, A                ; disable on top
               WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, on,  A                ; enable on top

Author: Scott Hollows

Enterprise software developer based in Perth, Western Australia. Oracle, Delphi, Data Warehouse design and ETL, Data Architect, Business Intelligence, Oracle performance tuning. Oracle ApEx, Discoverer, BI Publisher, OBIEE, Forms, Reports, SQL, PLSQL. Blockchain software development, cryptocurrency exchange integration and trading analysis Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG) - WA branch manager and past national president LinkedIn

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