Color gradient in Delphi FireMonkey

Introduction to color gradients in Delphi FireMonkey.



This video covers the basics of color gradients in Delphi FireMonkey

This can be applied any component that has a Fill property such as Shapes (TRectangle, TElipse) and event the background of a TForm.

Video Highlights

The video shows :

  • Overview of setting up gradient colors
  • Change the angle to vertical, horizontal or anything in between such as 38 degrees
  • Set the weight of each color.  You can make one color more prominent than the other
  • Setup more than 2 colors
  • Change gradient properties in the IDE
  • Change gradient properties at runtime using simple code

Gradient aren’t available for TPanel, TFrame and other components … dont panic

Now for the bad news – Gradient colors are not available for TPanel, TFrame, TGroupBox and various other container because they do not have a Fill property.  Oh ohhhh !

Dont panic – I have a workaround for that that will publish a solution  on here soon including full source code.  If you are in a hurry, email me and Ill provide you with a pre-release version

This stuff is coming.  Chill out until then

More Information


Download FireMonkey demo project

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