UPDATE – DelphiFeeds is back

Jan-2020 UPDATE
DelphiFeeds.com is alive again.  It took 4 years, but at least it is back now

4 months later and still nothing.
Step away from the patient.  Im calling it.  Time of death April 2018

DelphiFeeds its still running, but no new feeds have been added in over 20 months.
DelphiFeeds is running on auto pilot so new posts from existing feeds are still appearing, but new feeds can not be added


My post from December 2017

What is going on at DelphiFeeds ?

It hasnt added any new web sites or blogs for at least 16 months and they dont reply to email.  Maybe dead is too strong a word … but it is running on cruise control and has not been updated with new Delphi news, blog and tips sites.

Author: Scott Hollows

Enterprise software developer based in Perth, Western Australia. Oracle, Delphi, Data Warehouse design and ETL, Data Architect, Business Intelligence, Oracle performance tuning. Oracle ApEx, Discoverer, BI Publisher, OBIEE, Forms, Reports, SQL, PLSQL. Blockchain software development, cryptocurrency exchange integration and trading analysis Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG) - WA branch manager and past national president LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/scotthollows

4 thoughts on “UPDATE – DelphiFeeds is back”

  1. No new blogs, but the content is reliably updated. Dead sites don’t do that. I “DelphiFeeds” but “begin end” too.

  2. No new blogs, but the content is reliably updated. Dead sites don’t do that. I use “DelphiFeeds” but “begin end” too.

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